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Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

Going over budget can easily happen with a kitchen renovation. If you follow some basic rules, you’re more likely to stay within budget. From to get go, decide how much you can spend and stick with that number. Consider how long you’re going to live in the home. If you’re considering a move within five years, then the improvement is a real estate investment. Only spend what you think you can reasonably get back on your investment. If you plan to stay in the home more than five years, go for a remodel that will make everyone in the home most comfortable. Be sure to consider the market value of your neighborhood also. Is it upscale or modest? You don’t want to go overboard because your investment will lose its value.

List Out Your Remodeling Priorities

Once you’ve got a ballpark figure, it’s time to compile a list of your priorities. What’s most important to you? Are new cabinets a must-have? Is a granite countertop important? When you make a list, you can avoid unexpected costs and still get the top things that you want completed. Goodies like designer faucets and impressive crown molding can tally up fast. You just may be able to do without some goodies while staying in budget.

Set Aside Extra for the Unexpected

Plan on setting aside around 20 percent of your budget for those unexpected surprises. Lots of things can pop up. For example, that ripped out wall may reveal outdated wiring. Or, pulling out that dishwasher for the renovation may reveal a rotten floor due to a hidden water leak. When you set aside some extra for surprises, you’ve then got some wiggle room in your budget to pay for needed repairs or updates.

Know How You’ll Pay for the Project

Make sure you know the details of how you’re going to pay for your kitchen remodel. Home equity loans, personal loans and cash are the most common. If you’re opting for a loan, factor in costs like loan origination fees and interest. Keep in mind that you’ll have to give the contractor a deposit and pay for materials upfront.

DIY Work to Save Money

Doing some of the small work on your own can lower the costs and help you stay within budget. You can probably remove old cabinets on your own. Another easy task is to rip up the flooring. If you can manage these tasks, go ahead and roll up your sleeves.

Stay on Target

Create a spread sheet for your budget and keep tabs with it. If you see an expense starting to go over budget, you stop it. As your renovation commences, avoid extras. You may be tempted to add to your original list but don’t.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, let us know your budget and priority list. We’ll outline the costs for materials and the costs for labor. This way, you’ll have a realistic financial picture. We’ll help you stay within what you can afford and do a quality job.

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Bathroom Remodeling with Style

Whether you’re remodeling a master bathroom, full bathroom, three-quarter bathroom or powder room, let us inspire your next renovation project. Creative ideas, high quality work and professionalism are our hallmarks. From initial design to completion, we work closely with our clients to make their dreams come true.

A Palette of Styles for Bathroom Remodeling

From elegant and French-style to Mediterranean-inspired and industrial, we’ll help you choose a look that meets your needs, personal taste and lifestyle. Go glitz and old-world with a Mediterranean look using hand-painted terra cotta and modern metallic tiles. Add a rich look with mosaic tile accents to backsplash, tub and shower areas. Make a statement with fun patterns like intertwining circles for an elegant art deco look. Or, go with a retro look with classic subway tile.

Enjoy a Zen-like walk-in deluxe shower with built-in portable benches. This type of bathroom luxury doesn’t have to break the bank either. Add a contemporary vanity and vessel sink to transform a bland bathroom into a stylish retreat. Whether it’s a transitional style or traditional style, we’ll help you create a focal point in the master bathroom with walk-in showers and freestanding tubs. With our designer specialists, our clients get spa-like luxury in the master bathroom. Powder room are small but can make a big impact with floating sinks, subway tile and new lighting. From large master bathrooms to small powder rooms, we transform bathrooms into impressive spaces.

Cabinets are an essential part of any bathroom remodel. Choose from different types of cabinet frames and doors. Plus, we’ll help you plan and organize for storage with our cabinets built with smart technology. Select from our wide choice of traditional and European-styled bathroom cabinets.

From Budget to Upscale

We work with both small budgets and large budgets. Go with a thrifty renovation adding tile to a countertop, adding new fixtures or adding a new trendy sink. Go upscale with beaded inset cabinets, undermount sinks, engineered quartz countertops, mosaic tile and marble floors. Add heated floors to keep the feet toasty and even being some entertainment into the bathroom. Say good-bye to cold feet in the bathroom. Flat-screen TVs and built-in ceiling speakers are all the rage in today’s lux bathrooms. And there’s nothing cozier than a towel warmer. Wrap yourself up in toasty warm towel after bathing or showering.  There are even remote-controlled bidets. These types of upgrades add an ultra-relaxing bathroom experience.

When planning a bathroom remodel, there’s a lot to consider. Do you need to reorganize space for function? Are you seeking ultra-comfort? What types of cabinets, showers, tubs and tile will fit into your vision? Let us help you focus in on your wants and needs while designing your perfect bathroom setting. Plus, we perform quality work and do all of the cleanup for you. When we’re done with your remodeling job, you can step into your ideal haven and enjoy your transformed space. You’ll be left with a space splashing with all the right design elements.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchen cabinets and countertops form the backbone of a kitchen. While the kitchen cabinets should make the most of your kitchen’s floor plan, the countertops should complement the cabinets. So, how do you pull it all together? Consider the different layouts of the cabinets first and then move on to selecting your kitchen countertops.

Cabinet Features to Consider

Base cabinets get the most attention, and the styles are moving from doors to drawers. Drawers just make storage more accessible. It’s more ergonomic and easily stores all the kitchen essentials like pots, plates and pans neatly. Consider wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling. It’s efficient use of high-up space and can store everything from appliances and specialty serving ware to cookbooks. Plus, you add attractive molding for visual impact. For materials, skip the melamine and go with a plywood or good hardwood. Cherry wood is ideal for cabinets with dark, rich finishes. If you’re seeking a more exotic look, go with bamboo, mahogany or anaglade. These woods offer a natural, textured look and can be stained. European-style frameless cabinets offer more storage space than rail-style cabinets, so keep that in mind if you need more space. And don’t forget about hardware. It’s the jewelry of the kitchen space and the final touch.

Kitchen Countertops: Granite, Engineered, Concrete or Laminate

First off, the color of the kitchen countertops should contrast the kitchen cabinet to make things pop. While granite is popular and a must-have on many homeowner’s wish list, engineered stone products are more functional with its durability and stain-resistance. It fulfills the aesthetic needs and function. At the same time, concrete is gaining momentum in popularity. With its sleek finish and wide color choice, it’s easy to match up the countertops with the cabinets. Concrete counter tops are also an ideal choice for a modern kitchen.

Laminate kitchen countertops are plastic-coated. While it’s ideal if you’re on a tight budget, it also is available in a wide array of colors, including surfaces that look like granite. Overall, laminate is a smart choice for a quick-and-dirty kitchen overhaul. Engineered stone is quartz and available in a wider range of colors than granite. It’s a nonporous surface and resists stains and scratches. Quartz is a smart choice when you’ve got a busy kitchen. Top brands include LG Viatera, Silestone, Cambria Quartz and DuPont Zodiac.

Not only do we assist with the planning and professional installation of kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, we help our customers determine an overall color scheme with our kitchen specialist. We use a color chart and samples to determine which colors complement each other. We eliminate the guesswork for our customers and coordinate the color scheme of kitchen cabinets and countertops for a designer look. Plus, we offer boutique selection of top brands.

If you’re seeking to update your kitchen or it needs a face lift, turn to our experts to create your dream kitchen. We take the time to listen to what you want and make it all happen.

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